Testimonio de mi Ldl, Triglicéridos y Colesterol total en una dieta cetogenica.

Testimonio de mi Ldl, Triglicéridos y Colesterol total en una dieta cetogenica.

Como artista marcial y actor, mi dieta siempre a sido un tema muy importante ya que por un lado tengo que poder entrenar y prepararme como un deportista de alto rendimiento para poder realizar escenas de acción y por otro lado tengo que estas con bajos porcentajes de grasa para poder verme bien en las cámaras.

Pase muchos años de mi vida haciendo la dieta tradicional, alta en carbohidratos para poder tener energía, mucha proteína y muy baja en grasas. Cuando necesitaba bajar los porcentajes de grasa para una película, reducía la ingesta de carbohidratos, nada de sal, mucha proteína, nada de grasa y en tres a 4 semanas lograba estar muy definido pero con mal humor y con poca energía que se hacia difícil mantener esa forma de alimentarme por mucho tiempo.


Im an Athlete Martial artist and work on the movie industry, this is why the performance is as important as the way I look. On one side I have to train and stay ready for long days of shooting fight scenes, jumping, spinning etc sometimes for 10hrs a day but at the same time need to look rip. This is why diet and nutrition is been the most important part of my life.

Many years eating a traditional diet, high in Carbs, protein and low in fats, full of pre-workouts, post-workouts snacks, protein shakes, rice, pasta potato, etc…

The last few years I started to have acne around my eyes, big read pimples that were really uncomfortable (I never had pimples in my face before), I was constantly tired falling sleep everywhere at any time, I knew that something was not good, even I was training to much, didn’t make scene that I was not able to control my eyes to close in the middle of a restaurant or even a nightclub, driving, etc. My knees were getting inflammation more constantly and my back pain was already part of my day and the gas on my stomach was something that I assumed was because my protein shakes, so I need to learn to live with it.