Im an Athlete Martial artist and work on the movie industry, this is why the performance is as important as the way I look. On one side I have to train and stay ready for long days of shooting fight scenes, jumping, spinning etc sometimes for 10hrs a day but at the same time need to look rip. This is why diet and nutrition is been the most important part of my life.

Many years eating a traditional diet, high in Carbs, protein and low in fats, full of pre-workouts, post-workouts snacks, protein shakes, rice, pasta potato, etc…

The last few years I started to have acne around my eyes, big read pimples that were really uncomfortable (I never had pimples in my face before), I was constantly tired falling sleep everywhere at any time, I knew that something was not good, even I was training to much, didn’t make scene that I was not able to control my eyes to close in the middle of a restaurant or even a nightclub, driving, etc. My knees were getting inflammation more constantly and my back pain was already part of my day and the gas on my stomach was something that I assumed was because my protein shakes, so I need to learn to live with it.

I switch to a ketogenic diet and I can say that my life change for good.

1- In less than 4 month my skin looks 5 years younger, no more acne.( consider that I even consider taking a strong drug for a role in a movie to eliminate acne, I did but the acne return as soon as I stop the drug).

2- I was not tired all day, my energy levels improve considerably.

3- No more back pain or knee inflammation.

4- No more gas.

This was really something incredible for me so I decide to study and go really into this new way of life. Everything that I was told was totally wrong?

To crazy to be true!

I want to focus on my Lipids test and share with you guys something that Im sure can help you to no do the same mistakes I did on a Ketogenic diet.

The first 6 month on Keto I was eating a basic ketogenic diet.

75% Fats basically from Nuts, Chesse, butter, meats and eggs.

90grams of Protein.

Less than 50g of carbs from green vegetables and some berries.

I can see here, that my Total Cholesterol went up, But we all know that this does not mean to

01Click to see the picture

I can see here, that my Total Cholesterol went up, But we all know that this does not mean to much.

What’s really interesting is that my HDL wen up from 64 to 80, this is incredible!

My Triglycerides stay the same so my HDL/TRIGLYCERIDES ratio improves!

My LDL when up but we understand that this is actually a good thing considering that they are an important part of our immune system. And number close to 1 in HDL/TRG ratio means that the LDL are basically big and healthy particles.

The CRP (inflammation )was less than 0.12mg/l so was really good.

I start to cook and getting really into the Ketogenic life, down low carb brownies, Fat booms using almond butter coconut oils, Keto breads, eating Beef Tallow, butter and enjoying the tastes benefits of a Ketogenic diet.

6 more month of eating Keto but this time cooking and using MY FITNESS PAL app to check my calorie intake and make sure I was eating my 2700 calories per day with a KETO macronutrients distribution of 80% Fats 15%Protein 5%Carbs.

After shooting a Tv series and a movie, lots of stress, not good sleep, etc… I was having the burning feet sensation, and I was showing some B vitamins deficiency.

I started to gain weight, Im an athlete and not sure if that weight was Fat or muscle mass, I went from 97kilos to 102kilos. Still pretty rip but clearly with a little more Fat.

My fasting glucose was starting to rise from 85 to some days 110. (Here are 3 weeks so you can understand exactly what was my diet look like on the last 6 month)



02Click to see the picture

So basically my diet was really high on Saturates Fats due to my new addiction, Fat Bombs and Keton Brownies made with lots of Butter, Ghee, Coconut oil and almond butter, my diet was basically lots of green with animal protein, mostly fatty cuts like short ribs, chicken wings, pork ribs and I add butter to make it tasty and also to get my calories up into around 2700.

Already one year in Ketosis in total, measuring my Ketones and glucose levels constantly having a my ketones as average of 1.3.

KETONES (pm before dinner)


Click to see the picture

GLUCOSE (pm before dinner)


Click to see the picture

I decide to do another test, but this time I did a complete check on my LDL particles

and the results were a really shocking for me.

05Click to see the picture

What really surprise me was that Triglycerides when up to 140 and that was not a good sing for me even that they are still under 150, I was not happy for this, my HDL/TRIG ratio went from 0.9 to more than 2.

My Total cholesterol was to high, Im a strong believer after all my research Cholesterol is not a concern if there is no inflammation, but I can’t ignore the fact that 400 is a number that is to high.

06Click to see the picture

07Click to see the picture

But this was really what concerns me and made me change my approach that I was having on my diet, didn’t wanna give up to all the benefits that the Ketogenic life style was giving me but I needed to do a change and adapt something because my body clearly was not responding good to it.

My LDL was basically all Type B, my Small LDL was pretty high and my particle count was also to much.

So I start making some questions:

Was the amount of Fats?

Was the stress level of my last couple of month?

Was the type of Fats?

Was the B deficiency?

Was the Omega imbalance?

Or maybe a 75% Keto is not the best for me and I should try to do a 65% Keto?

So after studding about this, and asking some people that been in Ketosis for years, actually have to say thanks to Kaden, Jimmy Moore and Sebastian Oyarchabal to help me not go crazy with this numbers I decide to do some changes on my Ketogenic diet.

What I did was simple:

1- Didn’t try to follow a calorie ideal goal.

2- Switch Saturated Fats for Monounsaturated fats.

3- Intermittent Fasting.

4- Did a B complex Shot

5- Start eating more Omega 3 to improve my Omega 6 and 3 ratios.

So no more butter, no chesse, only one scoop of coconut oil and switch to lean meats to get my protein, also added fish like salmon and sardines. To get my fats up I was adding olive oil, macadamia nuts, almonds and avocado with green salads.

In 4 weeks I lost 6 kilos and felt so much better, my training was really different, much faster recovery and my burning feet sensation disappear.

Here is what my diet look like the next 4 week.

08Click to see the picture

09Click to see the picture

So is clear to see that the calorie intake naturally went down because I was not forcing my self to rich a specific number, I was eating what I felt I need focusing on getting my protein intake around 0.8 to 1gram x kilo and the other macros didn’t care about any number, just eating a Keto concept: greens and fats. As you can see, my Saturated Fats went down and my Monounsaturated Fats went up.

An I repeat the same test to check after 6 weeks, still in nutritional ketosis I measure my ketones that day and I was in 0.6, my body weight was 95,2kilos and the calorie intake of the week that I did the test was 2217. ( this is the week I did the test)

10Click to see the picture

So I got the results and I was really surprise! Was not expecting such a big positive response.

Here are the results:

11Click to see the picture

The most impressive is that my Triglycerides even went lower than the first test that I did and my HDL went right back to 80!

This changes are really hard even using drugs!

12Click to see the picture

What really got me exited here Is that my LDL Pattern went from B to A!!

13Click to see the picture

Even my inflammation level was not an issue, is always good news to see the number go down!

So my big conclusion after been more than 16months in Nutritional Ketosis is that I need to be careful with the added fats and become obsessive with been chasing numbers, Ketones numbers, calorie numbers, etc. As an athlete I always believe that I needed a number of calories to perform better, know I’m listening to my body and eating real foods, no more cooking Fat bom, KetoCakes, adding 3 scoops of butter to my meals, over dose of Bulletproof coffee, etc.. Instead I’m looking to eat the fats that are naturally on a good foods following a Ketogenic approach.

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